ArcGIS Developers Pricing

The ArcGIS Developer subscription offers cost-effective ways for software developers to license ArcGIS developer tools and additional ArcGIS products. Whether you're building your own apps or extending the ArcGIS platform, the ArcGIS Developer subscription has plans specifically tailored to meet your needs. 

Frequently asked questions

What advanced software development tools are included?

The following tools are included in all plans: ArcGIS API for JavaScript, ArcGIS API for Python, ArcGIS REST API, and SDKs for mobile and desktop development.

What is an ArcGIS Online subscription?

ArcGIS Online is Esri's software-as-a-service (SaaS) mapping and analysis solution. With a subscription to ArcGIS Online, you can extend and customize ArcGIS Online items and develop custom apps that showcase maps and spatial analysis. By using ArcGIS Online, software developers can jump-start their work by taking advantage of the web maps, analyses, and styles their mapping colleagues have created. 

What are the configurable apps and app builders?

ArcGIS Configurable Apps and app builders are Esri tools to create and publish web apps quickly with no coding required. With all ArcGIS Developer subscription plans, you also have access to AppStudio for ArcGIS, which is a low-code platform for creating native apps.

What is the Esri Developer Summit?

The Esri Developer Summit is an event specifically designed to show you how to build cutting-edge apps using advanced mapping technology from Esri. You will be the first to see new tools for geoenabling your apps and get pro tips from the developers who made them.

What are the advanced server capabilities?

Esri offers extensions to the base ArcGIS GIS Server included with ArcGIS Enterprise. These extensions broaden or deepen the capabilities of your server deployment. The advanced server capabilities included in the price of the Enterprise Plan are ArcGIS Notebook Server, ArcGIS Image Server, ArcGIS GeoEvent Server, and ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server.

What are the ArcGIS Runtime SDKs licensing levels?

ArcGIS Runtime SDKs have four license levels: Lite, Basic, Standard, and Advanced. 

Can license keys for ArcGIS Runtime SDK 10.2.x be used with 100.x?

No. Please contact your Esri account representative for more details on transitioning license keys from 10.2.x to 100.x.

Is there a limit to the number of Runtime apps that can be deployed with a Lite license key?


Are ArcGIS Runtime Lite license keys unique?

Yes, each ArcGIS for Developers account can generate one unique Lite license key. This string can be shared across all Runtime apps associated with the ArcGIS for Developers account from which it was created. Protect your license key—it is unique to your ArcGIS for Developers account.

How are ArcGIS Runtime license keys distributed for paid levels (Basic, Standard, and Advanced) or extensions?

License keys for paid levels or extensions are purchased from Esri and distributed via deployment packs. Upon purchase of a deployment pack, you are provided with a unique license key for the level or extension purchased. Additional deployment packs for a level or extension you purchased previously will not include another license key. However, additional unique license keys can be provided upon request. Protect your license keys—they are unique to your organization.

Can you combine license key and user type options?

Yes. You may choose to compile your app with a Lite license key to provide access to Lite functionality in your Runtime app or offer the ability to log in with an Editor, Field Worker, Creator, or GIS Professional user type.

Which ArcGIS Runtime license levels are included with user types?

The ArcGIS Runtime license level that is enabled for a user type is dependent on the user type. Viewer and Lite named user types include a Lite license. Editor, Field Worker, and Basic user types include a Basic license. Creator, GIS Professional Basic, and Standard user types include a Standard license. GIS Professional Standard, GIS Professional Advanced, and Advanced user types include an Advanced license. Some user types do not include an ArcGIS Runtime license, such as Storyteller or Insights Analyst.

How is a utility network licensed for use with ArcGIS Runtime?

Access to a utility network requires the ArcGIS Runtime Utility Network extension. The ArcGIS Runtime Utility  Network  extension can be enabled using a license key or a named user with the Utility Network user type extension. The Utility Network user type extension is a cross-product add-on license (ArcGIS Enterprise only) for any named user type. It enables access to utility network services from clients such as ArcGIS Pro, native apps built with ArcGIS Runtime, and web apps built with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

Where can I find the licensing information for building and launching ArcGIS apps?

We'll cover most of it in this FAQ, but if you want to see the full details, check out our Terms of Use.

Can I use ArcGIS Runtime in a service?

Esri's Product-Specific Terms of Use states that use of the ArcGIS Runtime in a service is not permitted. Exhibit 1, Addendum 1, Section 1 defines terms of use for specific software. A general reference to the ArcGIS Runtime SDKs in note 19 states: License may not be used to develop internet or server-based Value-Added Applications.

What is ArcGIS Runtime Local Server?

ArcGIS Runtime Local Server is a component that enhances functionality of the following desktop-focused ArcGIS Runtime SDKs: ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET (WPF), ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java, and ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt. It is available as a separate install to supplement functionality of Runtime SDKs supported on Windows and Linux desktops. It's powered by packages created in ArcMap, which can be hosted by Local Server as local map, feature, and geoprocessing services. Desktop-focused ArcGIS Runtime SDKs also provide a client API to access Local Server services.

Am I required to show Esri attribution in my app?

It depends. Esri requires that you include Esri attribution when you use an ArcGIS Online basemap, Esri data services, or Esri API technology in your app. See this resource for more details on when to display Esri attribution.

How do I list my app in the ArcGIS Marketplace?

If your app is licensed at the Basic, Standard, or Advanced level and you would like to deploy it via the ArcGIS Marketplace, visit this page to sign up.