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Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC)

Location intelligence for AEC

A building render in ArcGIS GeoBIM overlaid with a photo of a crane against a blue sky and a photo of workers in hard hats and bright yellow jackets looking at a tablet

Architects, engineers, builders, and owners use Esri solutions to improve workflows, bring context to projects, and increase collaboration throughout project life cycles. GIS is helping architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms build smart communities and assets for the future. Discover efficiencies, gain insights, and strengthen engagement with mapping applications across project teams. Add location to design to understand projects in context and deliver repeatable solutions. Location intelligence transforms the way we plan, design, build, and operate in the built and natural environment.

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"ArcGIS Enterprise gives us a great platform to enable everyone in the project to use and access the geography of the project"

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Leverage location intelligence

Location plays a critical role in architecture, engineering, and construction activities. Location-based workflows founded on GIS technology make your project easy to plan, design, build, and operate.

AEC Project Delivery subscription

A Project Delivery subscription allows organizations to quickly deploy GIS projects to their clients, enabling collaboration and sharing of information directly and in real time with stakeholders.

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The integration of GIS and BIM provides an environment where project professionals and stakeholders can collaborate across the entire life cycle, leading to a more predictable outcome.

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Digital twin

A digital twin is a virtual representation of the real world including physical objects, processes, relationships, and behaviors. GIS creates digital twins of the natural and built environment and uniquely integrates many types of digital models.

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Reality capture

Easily integrated collection and analysis of data on conditions throughout a project help to inform staff as they make critical decisions that will have an impact for years.

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3D GIS supports smart urban planning & design

Gensler explored the capabilities of GIS technology to create plans, visualize scenarios, and support collaboration and decision-making.

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Leverage ArcGIS with ready-to-use maps to quickly deliver projects related to utilities and infrastructure. Analyze projects, deliver essential workflows, and share asset information with your stakeholders.

Natural resources

Analyze, design, and build solutions to improve the natural environment in a sustainable and responsible way by bringing geographic context into your projects.

Urban design

Create and use real-world visualizations and share in 3D to make better designs and present your work more effectively.


Improve your project site planning with ArcGIS. AEC firms can design with a geographic context, update field inventory and maintenance updates, and quickly share project updates with internal and external stakeholders.


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