Second UEA - Esri GIS Summer School:

Estimating the population of Bukavu


Esri Deutschland, the Université Evangélique en Afrique and Esri Rwanda held the second GIS Summer School, Bukavu, DRC.

27 pupils from nine secondary schools were invited to this year’s summer school: "Estimating the population of the City of Bukavu". The participants captured coordinates all over Bukavu and filled in data from more than 700 population and household surveys, using ArcGIS. They learned how to analyse socio-economic, infrastructure and information technology data and how to map them in posters.

The results of the field surveys were used to estimate the population using a visual interpretation of built-up areas on a satellite image of Bukavu. The conclusions of the nine days project were presented to the representatives of the Congolese Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Higher Education, South Kivu Province, Bread for the World and the Federal Republic of Germany during the Closing Ceremony on August 12, 2014.


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