Kigali: A successful GIS Day

Sharing Spatial Data in Rwanda


Rwanda's GIS Day was celebrated with 80 GIS professionals and interested guests at the Carnegie Mellon University in Kigali. The motto was "Sharing spatial data in Rwanda". The guests, amongst them the honourable Minister of Youth and ICT, Mr Jean Philbert Nsengimana, and the Regional Director of the Swiss Cooperation, were informed about the ArcGIS platform. "We shall have an Open Data Policy in 2015", said Mr. Nsengimana. Afterwards governmental and non-governmental institutions talked to the audience about their spatial data sharing activities and future plans. Mr L. Kayonga from the Rwanda Natural Resources Authority informed about "Land Administration and Management". The National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda represented by Mr F. Bigirimana showed their web platform to download administrative boundaries in different formats and Mr C. Umuhire from the City of Kigali reported about the ongoing Kigali City Street Addressing Project. Mrs H. Simm, the coordinator of the Skat office in the Western Province presented the PROECCO GIS analysis to delineate suitable clay areas for brick and roof tile production and the outlook to share these results on an internet portal. The presentation of Dr G. Rwanyiziri from the Center for GIS and Remote Sensing gave insights the data sharing policy at the University of Rwanda.


The honourable Minister of Youth and ICT visits the GIS Day 2014