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Market and Customer Analysis

Find your best customers

Strengthen customer segmentation and engagement

Woman and man examine customer and location data on a tablet

Put customer data in context

Businesses have more customer data than ever but struggle to make sense of it. Location-enriched data shows what, where, and why customers buy. Business leaders and marketers can go beyond gut instinct or guesswork to find potential customers, identify target markets, advertise strategically, and plan product mixes.

See opportunities others can't

Location is the key to unlocking rich customer data for precise market analysis and strategic business decisions. 

  • Reduce ambiguity when entering new markets and optimize market planning decision-making.
  • Gain insight into the values and habits that shape customer behavior. 
  • Create data-driven, personalized shopping experiences that increase customer loyalty.
  • Leverage smart maps and visualizations that uncover patterns in key data such as drive times, population densities, demographics, and psychographics. 
3D digital map shows areas where potential customers live, work, and shop


Deepen your connection with customers and inform business decisions with location intelligence from the Esri Geospatial Cloud.


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