Smart maps and analysis advance government

Governments collect and manage vast amounts of data—all tied to location. Maps and spatial analysis quickly make sense of it so it’s easier to use. Making data-driven decisions that improve quality of life is essential in national, state, and local governments. ArcGIS software makes it possible. 

Insightful analytics

Create and share easy-to-use maps and analytics that improve everyone's understanding. Analyze complex issues and reveal hidden patterns in data. Facilitate informed decision-making.

Rapid data collection

Simplify data collection on any device, including smartphones, drones, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors. Quickly assemble data from real-time feeds, multiple databases, or any online public data repository.

Simplified sharing

Share maps and analytics securely with staff or citizens to support smart initiatives. Dashboards, story maps, interactive web maps, and infographics provide intuitive and effective communication tools.

Coordinated response

Synchronize first responders with real-time status data and maps in a single, unified dashboard. Act with confidence in dynamically changing situations to speed assistance and keep people safe.


Self-service apps drive smart operations.

Access to real-time data and analytics supports efficiency and innovation in Pinellas County. Open data helps staff create apps without coding.

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